if i had to pick a favorite…

if i had to pick a favorite female model

i’d have to say it would be 24 year-old polish model anja rubik. of course, i’d also have to admit it be a very close tie between anja and angela lindvall; natalia vodianova is also very good at what she does (one of my favorites is her “alice in wonderland” editorial in December Vogue 2003). i judge both men and women models by their work, not their looks – how well do they adapt to different looks? how expressive are they? how versatile can the be? a model who can “feel” or understand the clothes as well as successfully project the vision of both the designer and photographer is what i consider to be a top model. they need to be aware,some models, who i won’t name, have the same blank, glassy stare, and the same pout or open-mouthed gape, regardless what he/she is wearing, or what the shoot is supposed to convey… “desert warrior” = blank stare + gape; “magical fashion” = blank stare + gape; “it’s a man’s world” = blank stare + gape. at that rate, it’s cheaper to just get a mannequin! i must also inject this: i realize modeling is not as easy as most people think it is. since i started photographing more people, be it friends or strangers, i realized it’s not easy to, shall i say, be at ease in front of the lens. models are actors, only in still frames, and not in motion. well, talented ones, anyway.

anja rubik - fig.1

anja rubik - fig.2 (for gareth pugh)

anja rubik - fig.3

anja rubik - fig.4

*images from various sources; property of respective publications.


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