foot in mouth.

i can’t believe i haven’t posted about this shoe company sooner.

i first discovered stubbs and wooton about three years ago. i instantly fell in love with the old-school vibe of their velvet slippers and loafers; they conjured an image of silk pajamas, a pipe, and a highback chair, without the hefner-esque camp. you can buy a pre-designed pair or go bespoke, aka made-to-order: fabric type and color, piping color, design, crest, and of course, monograms. yessir, a pair can set you back somewhere between $400.00 – $700.00… would you like your initials embroidered in a colored cotton thread, in silver wire, or 18kt gold wire? tough choice.

the ladies.

the gents.

ah, humor. (most pre-fab designs are available for both men & women.)

*all images courtesy of stubbs and wooton.


2 responses to “foot in mouth.

  1. I’ve def been looking to get one of these joints. Then a green velvet robe to go with it.


  2. i’m definitely going to own a pair of velvet slippers/loafers with my initials monogrammed on them in my old age, if not sooner. coolest grandma (or cougar) in a 10-block radius. green velvet eh? one with a thick green cabled belt and tassels on the ends? i’ve got a vintage ivory silk christian dior monsieur robe… will that do you?


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