on the rocks.

new jewelery crush.

you’ve probably seen the work of london-based jeweler solange azagury-partridge before. did you see the the movie, “superman returns“? kate bosworth is wearing a pair of azagury-partridge earrings for the Pulitzer dinner she never makes it to. the following pieces are from her new “stoned” collection – the creativity is at the same time subtle and obvious; for example, the medusa-head cuff of the piece titled “gorgon” is referenced for the mythical monster’s ability to turn people to stone.

her short film advertisement for this collection, titled “the letter“, is also beautifully shot, starring thandie newton (of “crash”), jason isaacs (best known in the u.s. as harry potter’s lucius malfoy), and raphael edwards.

pieces from the “stoned” collection…

"stoned" - 18k gold multi-stone necklace

"offering" - 18kt and diamond ring

"skeleton" - 18k gold rings

"gorgon" - 18kt emerald, ruby, and diamond ring & bangle

*images property of solangeazagurypartridge.com.


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