can i buy this?

kat sent me this photo of a mug via mms today… do i have a morbid style or something? thanks, dearest.

(…did you send me this in response to my gun post? i doubt it, since you don’t really read it… love you!)

wonder if the person sitting next to you would feel threatened with every sip...?

*image property of g.cheng & imunlisted.wordpress.com.


2 responses to “where…

  1. wordpress commenting; i have arrived

    that mug is awesome. if i ever come across it i will get one myself. i went to that website and i couldnt find it.


  2. ummm….if you find it, get me one too. i’ll pay you back, of course. if kat gets back to me, maybe she can get two for us…


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