economic rap.

step aside, “schoolhouse rock”.

tired of hearing rappers rap about their money? here’s one about your money. (well, everyone’s money.john papola and russ roberts of econstories presents an epic economist showdown – john maynard keynes & f. a. hayek. (for those non-business majors or those who don’t know what the hell we’re talking about, check out pbs newshours‘ little blurb on these guys.)

equal parts educational & entertaining.


3 responses to “economic rap.

  1. hayek kicks butt


  2. haha i thought you’d like this! i don’t know if most people know that almost all the terms (even “animal spirit”) are quotes by these two men… i was pretty impressed by this. i’m thinking of posting the pbs documentary on these guys that explains the theories… yeah… i think i should.


  3. yea, the finance intellects have examined it and said it was pretty spot on with all their theories. the pbs doc sounds great!


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