these old days…

these days i’m getting old.

a few months ago in class, the prof was preaching the merits of having hard copies of everything in case technology happened to fail prior to a presentation. she asked, “has anyone here had a projector fail on them?” i turned to my (younger) friend sitting next to me and asked, “an overhead projector?” he returned my question with a quizzical stare – and i realized she meant the newfangled, gadgety projection machine-box-things. in the old days, you could just carry an extra bulb around with you, and you’d be set. a recent design discovery by Burak Kaynak didn’t help me feel any younger…

"disk it" sticky notes by Burak Kaynak.

having actually had to use diskettes before, i could've been fooled.

*images property of Burak Kaynak.

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