the tramp.

charlie chaplin‘s “tramp” character was revived by john galliano in his spring/summer 2010 runway show in paris. i can’t say i particularly like the looks – but the endearingly theatrical galliano always knows how to put on a show.

watch the runway show here.

charlie chaplin's "tramp", circa 1910.

galliano ss 2010 - opening

galliano ss 2010 - opening 2

galliano ss 2010 - opening 3

galliano ss 2010 - dark chaplins...

...and light.

*first image original source unknown; other original images property of; created images property of g.cheng &

2 responses to “the tramp.

  1. dang. i would wear any of these pieces! surprising stuff. it jibes (jives?) with what the economical climate is like.


  2. the little mustache is particularly relevant.

    in all seriousness though – i agree with you for the darker outfits, but the lighter versions conjure to mind monet’s park paintings… ladies in hats and bustles, with parasols.


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