i’ve stumbled across two [house] geckos over the past week in my house.

i don’t know what the normal protocol is (scream, kill them, stand on chairs, run away, faint…etc.), but i usually just wave and say… “hey“. there are exceptions – if they are fat, i point and say “good job, buddy!“, or if they are unusually thin, i point and say, “eat more bugs!” or, “work harder!

just in case most didn’t know, geckos are welcome guests in many warm regions of the world, and happily rid their human housemates of many pesky insects such as mosquitoes, crickets, and roaches. while there are a  number of different types of geckos, the second-most common are house geckos – these are characterized by their willingness and ability to co-habit with humans. (cool fact: the geico gecko is a “day gecko“.)

in closing – don’t mind a gecko killing all your bugs for you? leave it be. can’t fathom living with a tiny lizard? try to help it outside so he can find a job elsewhere.

*the “geico gecko” is a mascot and advertising campaign property of GEICO. any mention in this post is neither a paid advertisement or testimonial for the company or its services.


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