american wrangler v.s. australian wrangler.

um, excuse me?

i just stumbled upon a glaring and disturbing disparity between western-wear giant and mainstay wrangler‘s u.s. and a.u. websites…

american wrangler - home page. (aka dale earnhardt jr.)

australian wrangler - home page.

…and just for emphasis, for those of you peering at the screen…



i’m straight as an arrow, but that didn’t blind me to the fact that australian wrangler is damn sexier than american wrangler. what’s going on? (yes, it is the same company – but doesn’t the fact that i had doubts about that say something? what happened to brand continuity?) it doesn’t stop there; let’s continue on to advertising campaigns.

australian wrangler has a campaign page.

aussie wrangler's campaign index.

american wrangler? nope.

aussie wrangler has these two lovelies:

aussie wrangler - womens.

aussie wrangler - men.

american wrangler?

american wrangler - womens.

american wrangler - mens. (aka brett farve)


yup. i think that the screenshots speak for themselves.


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