Sneak Peek: Neighborhood Feed (Houston).

in the immortal words of Winnie the Pooh, is there a “grumbly in your tumbly”?

don’t panic – you’re probably just hungry. what can’t help you now but can help you around the beginning of June 2011 is Neighborhood Feed, a non-edible concoction-in-the-works by a friend of mine, Jordan.

According to him and his crew,

Neighborhood Feed is a free forum for local Houston restaurants to showcase their staple menu items to our exclusive members. The process is simple. Local restaurants offer one menu item at a reduced price for one day. Neighborhood Feed sends you a text message with this special deal. There is no cost. Just show up, enjoy a delicious meal, and find a new favorite restaurant right in your own backyard.

it’ll be interesting to see what the boys cook up for Houstonians and their wallets come June.

if you are a restaurant owner or employee, or just a loyal supporter of a particular Houston eatery, spread the word and check their site soon & often to ensure you’re the first one at the table come dinnertime.

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"what's for dinner?"

*Image & logo property of J. Easterling +

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