China’s Got Talent.

an 11-year old orphaned boy from mongolia sings on china’s got talent.

the dialogue is all in mandarin (chinese), but the song is in mongolian.

(it’s ok – i cried too.)

basic translation of dialogue in the beginning between the child and the host(s):


Wu Da Mu: My name is Wu Da Mu. I am from Mongolia, and I have loved to sing since I was very young. I sing everywhere, all the time. My mom always wished to have seen me sing [here/in public].

On Stage:

Host 1: How very handsome!

Wu Da Mu: Thank You. (In background: Today I will present my best.)

Host 1: What’s your name?

Wu Da Mu: My name is Wu Da Mu.

Host 1: From your outfit, I am guessing you are Mongolian.

Wu Da Mu: Yes, I’m from Mongolia.

Host 1: Which part of Mongolia?

Wu Da Mu: [A place known for its grasslands; possibly inner Mongolia].

Host 1: What’s your dream?

Wu Da Mu: My dream is to invent a magic potion that, with a drop of it on the ground, it will cause green grass to grow everywhere.

[Audience Applause]

Host 2: What a beautiful dream.

Host 1: What are you going to perform today?

Wu Da Mu: I’m going to sing a song.

Host 1: Which song?

Wu Da Mu: I’m going to sing Meng Zhong Er Ji.

Host 1: I know what Meng Zhong means, but what is Er Ji?

Wu Da Mu: Er Ji means “mom”.

Host 1: Why would you pick this song?

Wu Da Mu: Because when I miss my mom I sing this song.

Host 1: Where’s your mom?

Boy: My mom is in heaven.

Host 1: How about your dad?

Wu Da Mu: My dad was also in a car accident and died.

Host 1: Are you ready to begin?

Wu Da Mu: Yes.

After Performance:

Host 1: [Hands it over to Host 2]

Host 2: Da Mu, you said this song reminds you of your mom. Would you mind telling us how it helps you?

Wu Da Mu: When I sing, I dream, and sometimes I dream my mom stays beside me.

Host 2: I hope that a child like you can think of all mothers as your mothers. All women who are mothers can’t help but love a child like you.

[Audience Applause]

Host 1: [Hands it over to Host 3]

Host 3: You remind me of little prince in old children’s films…

Host 2: Yes, he’s very much like The Little Prince in the French children’s story.

Host 3: Yes – you are like a little prince that can overcome any hardship; your singing is your magic potion, and with it you can bring green grass and joy. This is how I feel when I watch your performance. Is this how the audience feels? Do you all agree with me?

[Audience Applause]

**To cut the translating short, essentially what all happens after this is that the female host asks if he is ok with her giving him a hug for his mother and all other mothers. Afterwards, the judges tell him that they thought regardless of everything else they thought his talent/ability was already above what they were looking for once he started to sing, and they all support his continuing to develop his talent no matter the outcome of this competition, and they all vote “yes”.


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  1. I love the info on your site. Much thanks!


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