a toast.

dear friend,
we’ve known each other so long.

life keep us from each other more than we’d like,
we know those quiet lulls don’t dim the light.

dear friend,
i wanted to remind you,
that i too:

celebrate at your joy,
weep at your pain;
worry with you in your hardship.

you remind me of my value
when i feel alone;
i find security in
the silent solace that is our friendship.

i rush to your defense
as you do mine –
there is safety in our trust.

i think of you when the harvest is plenty,
when the harvest is few

dear friend,
i wanted to remind you:
i love you.

– g. cheng

a toast to my childhood friends:
may God bless us in our years ahead.


One response to “a toast.

  1. i’m usually too shy to post my scribblings, but some of my friends have gone above and beyond for me recently and i experienced a flash of bravery – thank you for convincing me sharing wasn’t a mistake!


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