2013: day one.

hello,  2013…

i got to spend the last day of 2012 with some old friends from college [Texas A&M] – how can you go wrong with good friends and home cooking? although the night started off with us catching up on news of jobs + mortgages, which of our fellow Aggies were married or engaged and lamenting our inescapable aging, we eventually shook off the cobwebs and summoned our creaky old bones to have fun like the good ol’ days.

here’s to another new year!

♫ RacesBig Broom


kat + nic manning the kitchen…


hog + venison sausage – shot by andrew and sent off to game processors by spencer…


nic’s green bean casserole…


our self-proclaimed “grill master” (andrew) hard at work.


my contribution of smoked ham soup…


fajitas (via rob + spencer), anyone?


trying to remember the rules to “kings” turned into a group effort…



*images property of g. cheng & imunlisted.wordpress.com.


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