thought you were being so green – recycling, composting and commuting on your bicycle?

well, you’ve been one-upped, unless you’re already riding one of THESE…


The Defender, by Masterworks x Bespoke Global


The Interceptor, by Masterworks Wood & Design


The Interceptor – Detail.

these handmade, fully utilitarian beauties are the work of Bill Holloway and Mauro Hernandez of Masterworks Wood & Design,  based in San Jose, California. each frame is carved from “urban lumber” or “salvaged timber”; wood from dying trees in cities or wood from buildings or other structures that are being torn down. Each bike is made-to-order, can be 8 ft long and weigh from 45 to 70 lbs and have been fully tested to “take a beating”. all stains, sealants and other finishes, which are applied by hand, are also animal, people and Eco-friendly.

Bespoke Global, which sources and sells hand-made pieces by carefully curated artisans, also sell these tandem two-wheeled sculptures through their website. so, just when you were pleased as local, organic home-squeezed punch about your love for mother earth, mother said, “you can always do better”.



*images courtesy of multiple sources: the city fix, go green, bangor daily news; videos property of jeff diehl & anthony perez, respectively.

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