white linen night in the heights – 2013.

i’m so glad i stumbled across news about white linen night in the heights, and doubly pleased to find out my friend julie was an event veteran!

with her as my guide, she and two additional friends of mine, michelle + justin, sashayed our way up and down white oak dr in the houston heights. we perused art, imbibed, and sampled home-made treats, including some very tasty BBQ courtesy of newly minted oak leaf smokehouse.

a great crowd and good food made for a grand ‘ol time.

(…once again, apologies for the reliance on a cell phone camera!)


white linen nights banner outside happy fatz.


“the gallery” (3202 white oak).


julie + justin exploring “the gallery”.


really liked these pieces in a… pop-up gallery? didn’t catch the name…


michelle showing how a lady photo-bombs…


same pop-up gallery – not sure what artist…


i was extremely tempted to buy this piece by jaz henry…


walls of records at heights vinyl


…and walls of vintage subs/speakers.


the crowd at onion creek


little woodrow‘s…


…and BB‘s.

happy fatz :: Jaz Henry :: heights vinyl ::  onion creek :: little woodrows :: bb’s cafe

*images property of gloria c. and imunlisted.wordpress.com

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