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recycling gold.

i posted these pictures on Instagram a little while ago, but never got around to elaborating about them.

i recently purchased two separate, unrelated vintage 14k yellow gold wedding bands: a plain thin one i planned to use as a stacking ring and this heavy (6 grams) man’s wedding ring. i intended to resize the latter and completely smooth out the exterior design. there was a date inside the band, which is very close to when my parents were married. it was my jeweler who noticed the ring was actually two-toned; he also convinced me to keep the original design.



i know there are a lot of new options, new designers and aesthetics for jewelry available now,  but i find older pieces to have so much character. there’s a story – and if you don’t know the story, there’s mystery. i like to try and save pieces from being melted down when i can, and really admire the artisans and designers who either restore or re-work these old treasures to give them a new life.


while antique or vintage wedding bands aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, i’ve noticed an increasing trend. there’s certainly an appropriate irony when an antique wedding band, a circle symbolizing eternity and never-ending love, is worn again and again, carrying that same message, instead of being melted into scrap…


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gorgeous cartier video campaign…

cartier panther 1


cartier panther 2


cartier panther 3


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put your stamp on it.

maybe it’s my private school education + southern upbringing coming back to haunt me, but recently i’ve found myself doing a lot of monogramming…


the weekender

my weekender was a gift from my parents on a trip to italy, and ever since, it’s been my favorite piece of luggage. i don’t believe in checking bags [on a flight]…



after some research and thought, i decided having my initials laser engraved might be a better bet than having them printed or plain/foil stamped. the leather had already been treated, and was softening and getting a patina from my having used it, and i was afraid any other method wouldn’t last. only time will tell!


just received the larger stamped disc charm in the mail today…

ordered this charm from JLynn Creations – i added it to a sterling diamond charm necklace i already had, and, voila!


…and finally, my monogrammed canvas tote!

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david yurman.

i was browsing through some images on instagram (again ), and came across a beautiful david yurman campaign photo with the call to post your own image with their jewelry. i love their pieces and the image, so i presented my take on the original


the inspired…

...the original.

…the original.

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frank clegg.

just came upon these gorgeous leather bags by frank clegg through a friend via instagram… (ladies, don’t worry, there’s goods for you too!)


“travel duffle” (sic)


“zip top briefcase”

"working tote"

“working tote”

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well, good heavens…

inadvertently continuing the candle trend…

discovered kentucky for kentucky via instagram today. don’t get me wrong – i’m as proud a texan as these kentuckians are to be kentuckians, but i must say we seem to sit on the same side of the table when it comes to our colloquialisms & what’s on our plates.


the ya’ll sweatshirt – $50.00


fried chicken scented candle – $22.00

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justin o’shea.

meet justin o’shea, [fashion] buyer for, and yet another fashion crush del la mine, version homme.

if i were a guy…

…i would Google-stalk and copy everything chromeo‘s david macklovitch (aka Dave 1) wears.

i’ve been listening to chromeo tracks since ’07, but never realized how admirably fashion-forward macklovitch is until noticing him pop up during my annual online trawling of respective fashion week images. i wish i could pull off slim suiting & YSL boots with such ease… sigh – it’s a #fashioncrush.

Click image for Dave 1’s 10 Essentials by GQ Magazine


Click image for High Snobiety’s Chromeo interview.


Image by Tommy Ton for GQ: Paris Fall 2013

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le smoking…


finally some love for the ladies – i recently whet my appetite for some stylish, menswear-inspired but practical footwear by way of rachel roy (via nordstrom).


navy blue velvet w/ gunmetal toes.

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new specs.


i needed a new prescription for my glasses, so i decided to switch out my old, thin black metal frame ray-bans for a new pair. there are very few brands i get behind, and ray-ban has definitely proved their mettle [all puns intended]. i bought my first pair of RB sunglasses in 2005, and despite multiple accidental attempts to demolish them, there was never anything a little bending wouldn’t fix.




RB2557 – Caribbean

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