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mr. + mrs. lopes.


my friend robert and his lovely fiancee karen tied the knot in houston, texas last month. i’m sorry it took me so long to get these up, but here they are! see their beautiful wedding in “mr. + mrs. lopes” on Flickr.

the new mr. & mrs. lopes.

getting photos done by a professional (a.k.a. not me).

the bride's bouquet on a church courtyard bench.

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UH PES Open Fall 2010.


i waded through 565 photos and just finished uploading my favorite 128. ha.

check out the event HERE that the whole lot of us in the University of Houston‘s Bauer School of BusinessProgram for Excellence in Selling worked on all semester…

event pamphlet.

arriving early to set up.

just a fraction of the hardworking PES students at the event...

...and of course we had players...

...yes, more than one...

...and again, a thanks to all of our sponsors (which consisted of many more than are shown in this photo...)!

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tommy’s prepsters.

tommy hilfiger should design prep school uniforms on the side – where was he during my high school years?

the line turns 25 this year, and celebrates with a collaboration/consultation with peter som for both the hilfiger‘s fall/winter 2010 and spring/summer 2011 collections.

fall/winter 2010:

– favorite looks:







spring/summer 2011:

– favorite looks:




4 (...minus the bucket hat.)

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update: details of givenchy fall/winter 2010 haute couture.

just found this video documenting the painstaking, amazing detail that i posted about in givenchy‘s fall/winter 2010 haute couture collection.

givenchy couture fall 2010.

the amount of detail alone in the givenchy couture fall 2010 collection is stunning.

it’s hard to tell from the images because the pieces are monochromatic, but there is a skeletal/religious theme – for example, the bracelets in look #2 are shaped like spinal cords, and the back of the jacket in the final look (6b) is a motif of a skull with crosses and wings; one will also note the large cross in image 5b.










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elie saab haute couture s/s 2010.

just for the [lady] romantics.

while this elie saab haute couture spring/summer 2010 runway collection is not something i would normally wear, it is haute couture, and i cannot the deny the beauty of it – especially that finale dress.

part 1:

part 2:

look #2 + detail

look #16 + detail

look #23 + #24

look #36 + detail

finale dress (#44)

finale dress - headdress detail

finale dress - shawl + bodice detail

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the tramp.

charlie chaplin‘s “tramp” character was revived by john galliano in his spring/summer 2010 runway show in paris. i can’t say i particularly like the looks – but the endearingly theatrical galliano always knows how to put on a show.

watch the runway show here.

charlie chaplin's "tramp", circa 1910.

galliano ss 2010 - opening

galliano ss 2010 - opening 2

galliano ss 2010 - opening 3

galliano ss 2010 - dark chaplins...

...and light.

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going green.

ever since dries

i’ve been on the prowl for a bright green coat. i recently managed to snap up a similarly hued apple green silk ralph lauren dress, but no luck on the coat front, so far.

the color does seem to be popping up everywhere…

green blazer (inner) - unknown designer

fendi "peekaboo" tote

green coat - unknown designer

...and this is what's in my budget. "pretty edgy" by essie, $8.

*first three images property of tommy ton; final image property of essie.com.

adidas originals – Star Wars™ Cantina 2010

nifty new commercial by adidas for adidas originals.

kirsten dunst + jason schwartzman for opening ceremony.

kirsten dunst & jason schwartzman pair up again in a video short for opening ceremony‘s spring/summer 2010 collection.

schwartzman also performs the feature song “is sound ok?” from davy, the most recent release from coconut records – another schwartzman enterprise.

video directed by gia coppola and tracy antonopoulos.