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just unearthed this lovely little campaign from a shelter across the pond focusing on staffies (staffordshire bull terriers, but also bully breed dogs in general). agree with them on every point – but also wanted to add that staffies/bullies are a stubborn, strong-willed breed; while they do make amazing and loving family pets, they require commitment to consistent training and discipline. consider rescuing before purchasing if you’re considering adding any pet to your family!


this post is jenga approved.

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puppies for breakfast.

jenga and i attended Puppies for Breakfast last weekend and had a blast!

i was surprised and impressed at how many breeds were represented… from dachshunds to german shepherds to cocker spaniels to large breed poodles and even some pointers, and i think i saw a finnish spitz! here are some of the belated pictures we (jenga gets credit for being my sometimes tripod quadripod) snapped, as promised – see the whole set on Flickr.




bulldog puppy!


pit bull guffaw. ❤


(schnauzer?) pup in a cool T…


tangled in balloon.


sunday-best chihuahua.


while both cute, this gray pupster got my vote for cutest face…


jenga mama having a grand ‘ole time.


catahoula mix puppy? (mini-sophie!)

*images property of g. cheng & imunlisted.wordpress.com.

Cooper the Cat Needs a Home!

friends & followers:

one of my old Texas A&M college roomies, Ashley, needs help finding a new home for her cat, Cooper. here’s what she has to say…

Even if you know this doesn’t apply to you, please consider forwarding to anyone you think might be interested.
Basically, this sweet guy (Cooper) needs more than I can give him. An increasingly busy schedule and highly allergic boyfriend are making it hard to keep him. The details are as follows: 
  • 7 year old, 8 pound, neutered, grey & white, long-haired male with claws
  • Was an indoor/outdoor cat for a few years, but for the past year, he has lived in a one-bedroom apartment. 
  • Not sure how he would do with other cats. As a former indoor/outdoor cat, he probably encountered others in the neighborhood but has never had to be in a confined space with others.  
  • Would come with his food/water dish, litter box, toys, and scratching post, and will also be up to date on all shots.  
  • He’s very sweet but very skittish and doesn’t do well with loud noises or commotion. Would probably do best with a cat-loving single person or couple with no children. When he gets comfortable, he’s quite the talker, likes to snuggle, and makes great company.
Totally FREE to a good home! I’m really hoping there’s someone out there for him. If it’s not you, but you may know someone, PLEASE pass this along. Don’t hesitate to call with any questions or concerns – 281.814.7818. Thanks.

you can also reach her at ashley_flynn@ymail.com.

if you are or know someone looking for a kitty companion, contact her or help spread the word!




these puppies were all successfully re-homed!


re-posting for a friend:

A friend’s friend found some dumped puppies in the woods. Appear to be a hound mix, maybe even a rhodie mix. If you know anyone or you are interested please get them in contact with me and I will get you to the right people. Thanks and please repost!…Free to good home! I’m pretty sure. They’re just dumped puppies so I’m sure the guy just wants them to go to a good home.

if interested, please contact my friend at kay.finley@yahoo.com.

photo courtesy of k. finley.

save a dog.


that’s how many pit bulls/pit bull mixes are now in bettiepagestyled‘s Flickr set “pit bull death row“, and these are only the ones that looked pit-related – there were many others that were not bully breeds that she didn’t get photos of. can you even imagine 470 dead dogs?! this is an epidemic, and a tragedy. each of these dogs get 3 days, then they are put down killed. i’m not mincing words here. if you live in houston, and you are looking for a canine companion, research the breed and see if it fits your lifestyle and personality – if it does, PLEASE SWING BY THE HSPCA or YOUR LOCAL CITY SHELTER and CONSIDER ADOPTION. sure, puppies are cute, but there are many benefits to rescuing an older dog. please, do your due diligence, and consider saving a dog.

"red fawn pit puppy

"Red Fawn Masked Pit Bull Puppy", by bettiepagestyled.

"white male"

"White Cropped Bully Male Pit Bull", by bettiepagestyled.

"Blue Male Pup *Saved! It's Badger." by bettiepagestyled.

"Blue Male Pup *Saved! It's Badger.", by bettiepagestyled.

*for tips on spotting a bad breeder/seller, please refer to “two-wheeled icarus“.
**for additional information on pit bulls, click under “pick your poison” near the top of the column on the right, and select the category “pit bull” from the drop down menu.