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short temporary halt.

hello, all.

there will be a short pause in posts for just this next week, due to the fact that it is the last week of my classes = finals. i have a 10 paged paper on organizational IS to write, and a banking final. once those are over with, i will be back on the road with my cameras! i will be hitting college station, austin, and san antonio to see old friends and treasure hunt, of course.

wish me luck!

"can't by me love" - by Thomas Hawk

"can't buy me love" - by thomas hawk


small update on flickr.

i’m slowing dying from not being able to photograph as much as i had in the past.

my schedule is packed full, my muses are away…tragic. once these damnable classes are over with, i plan on making a trip up to college station, then to austin, then san antonio, and finally back home, before the fall semester starts. i’ll be packin’ photographer heaters (aka cameras), and my blackbook with notes on some photo ideas i want to bring to life. hopefully my lovely lovely friends will be game.

in the meantime, i satisfy the urge by just taking a few quick snaps when i have a free moment, or an idea comes to mind so i don’t forget. you can find the most recent uploads on Flickr. i can’t wait until i can jump back in the photo game.

"wink" - on my Flickr.

"wink" - on my Flickr.

woman overboard!

sound the alarm! overzealous woman leaps over the railing of the U.S.S. Retail!

what? yes – i am that woman. behold, i went thrifting/deal hunting again, and can no longer deny the fact that my 9 ft by 9 ft walk-in closet is…too small. filled to the brim, as it were. my parent’s walk-ins in the master bathroom are about the same size, and i have more clothes than either of them – shocking because my mom is 59 and my dad is 66. so, i, at the ripe old age of 22, have amassed more clothing then two people, who had 37 and 44 years head start, respectively. AMAZING.

to be fair, i’ve finally decided to part with some things… i’ve listed 7 items on ebay recently to sell. sigh. share the wealth, i suppose – for a price (evil cackle). also, in my defense, i have been mired in ridiculous amounts of homework; one of my classes assigned reading and questions for chapters 4 – 10…and that’s just for this week. i don’t think it’s unfair to tend to my wounds of boredom with the salve of… shopping.

alas, it’s back to the books, and red bull. hope everyone else’s weekends are looking sunnier than mine – have fun for me!

P.S. for those in or around Austin, TXcheck out the CD release for Warbler PL on FRIDAY (6/12, AKA TONIGHT) @ 2908 Cole Street, Austin TX. Line up order: Feed us a Fetus, Circlebirds, Warbler PL, American Sharks. Show starts at 8:00; $5 cover. my friends geena, seth, sean, and carrie of Feed us a Fetus, as well as the membs of Circlebirds will be rockin’ socks off, but can’t do that if people don’t go, since we all know socks have trouble getting places without us, least of all on time. you don’t even have to wear them on your feet – wear them on your hands, stash them in your purse, or your back pocket…it’s up to you! just be there!

stack of new, unworn, still-bagged-in-the-box shoes.

stack of new, unworn, still-bagged-in-the-box shoes.

feed us a fetus @ their bryan, tx premiere (addtn'l phots on my Flickr); check them out live in Austin tonight!

feed us a fetus @ their bryan, tx premiere (addtn'l photos on my Flickr); check them out live in Austin tonight!

convenient inconvenience.


i have just uploaded a few pictures onto Flickr i took at a small get-together in austin, tx this past weekend. it is under the set “Inconvenient Party” in the “Events” collection. hope you like them!

geena & david jam.

geena & david jam.