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ernest et célestine.

Il est trop mignon – j’adore!

just experienced the adorable ernest et célestine , a french-belgian animated film based on a based on a series of children’s books by author & illustrator gabrielle vincent. originally released at the cannes film festival in 2012, it’s US release is slated for the 28th of this month. definitely something to add to your list!




for the gentlemen.

we’re going the other direction this time.

while i’ve got an obvious penchant for menswear-inspired womenswear, the fact that father’s day is coming  up just gives me an excuse to look at gentlemanly things for, well, gentlemen.

i’ve managed to find goodies to my liking that would also make great gifts at canoe online and kaufmann mercantile


tube wringer by gill mechanical co. – via canoe online

[waste not, want not.]


mag table by offi – via canoe online

[form + function]


pocket-sized US Constitution – via canoe online

[…always be prepared.]


chrome desk stapler by el casco – via kaufmann mercantile

[i own a similar, true vintage one – sometimes simpler isn’t more beautiful…]


handmade Oregonian ceramic growler – via kaufmann mercantile

[a great gift for a beer lover or home brewer…]


aluminum & nickel plated lunch box – via kaufmann mercantile

[i wonder what looks i would get at work with this…er, i mean, that dad would get…]

*images property of canoe online & kaufmann mercantile, respectively.

“alexander mcqueen: savage beauty”

just purchased…

alexander mcqueen: savage beauty” by andrew bolton.

*image property of barnesandnoble.com

…and fall semester begins.

classes start again tomorrow…second to last semester – almost done.

i think i can. i think i can. i think i can...

dusty covers.

ahh, the tattered tome.

i collect. i collect lots of things. shoes, clothes, jewelery… and books. old books.

i choose books based on cleverness of title, depth of content, and how well it represents the style of written language at the time. one of my most recent and oldest finds is below…

i also like to give these antique books as presents to friends i know will appreciate them. most recently i gave a good friend a copy of a book from the late 50’s, on the subject of freud and kinsey, two of her favorites, and also sent my high school spanish teacher an old spanish textbook, circa 1920’s. (i’ve also included a photo of its inside cover.)

to blazes with all this “e-book” nonsense. treat current books well, and find some old ones you like and save them!

there’s a romance and reality in tangible paper pages, and the more yellowed with age, the better.

"newest" addition.

inside cover.


inside cover of the spanish book.

*all images property of g.cheng & imunlisted.wordpress.com.

dear diary…

kat sent me this photo of a book the other day…

she inferred that the dry, darkly humored journal reminded her of me, or was perfect for me… and she’s totally right.

"in my humble opinion" by knock knock.

heart of darkness.

just a few of the things i’m coveting for fall.

1. helmut langanaconda” leather jacket – $1450.00

2. rag & bonekato” wool jacket – $415.00

3. acnesmith” raw edge leather jacket – $869.00

4. R13 distressed leather jacket – $1599.00

5. alexander wang leather & velvet jacket – $1325.00

6. f-troupe perforated suede & patent paneled leather oxfords – $165.00

i’ve categorized this under both men’s & women’s fashion because some of these items have identical mates for the opposite gender, or can be either worn by or serve as inpiration for men as well. (unfortunately, la garconne does not stock menswear.)

…and for those of you who thought the title for this post was cheesy, i’ll have you know it’s actually in reference to joseph conrad‘s 1899 novel of the same name. excellent read; get on it.

all images and items available at online boutique la garconne.

all images courtesty of & items available at online boutique la garconne.

nietzsche & 100th.

happy 100th post!

i just finished reading “thus spoke zarathustra” by friedrich nietzsche. highly recommended, if the genre is your cup  of tea.

<i>*created image property of imunlisted.wordpress.com. </i>

*created image property of imunlisted.wordpress.com.