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lucy chadwick.


first caught wind of curator lucy chadwick about 4 years ago. still crushin’.


houston restaurant week – 2013.

houstonians, shine your silver.

yesterday marked day 1 of the 11th annual Houston Restaurant Weeks – since it’s inception in 2003, local area restaurants have dedicated a week to donating a portion of their profits to the Houston Food Bank (as well as the Montgomery County and Galveston Food Banks this year).

This year, the city-wide charity dining event is from August 1 through September 2, 2013; you can find a list if participating restaurants or search by menu, cuisine, neighborhood, or even meal (ex. breakfast) via the Houston Restaurant Weeks main site.

Here’s how it works:


src: houstonrestaurantweeks.com

according to a KUHF news radio excerpt i heard, Brian Greene, CEO of the Houston Food Bank stated, “There’s over 170 restaurants that are participating and most of them are doing a $35 prix fixe [price fixed] three-course menu, some of them have a $45 dollar version and the food bank gets $5 or $7 of that. So you get a great dinner. So this is basically Houston’s best restaurants showing off.”

Houston Restaurant Weeks used to be only a week long when it first started in ’03, and raised $5,000. Last year, it managed to raise $1.2 million for the Houston Food Bank – here’s to record-breaking and full bellies for everyone!


*srcs: kuhf.org, houstonrestaurantweeks.com, houstonfoodbank.org; images property of houstonrestaurantweeks.com.


thought you were being so green – recycling, composting and commuting on your bicycle?

well, you’ve been one-upped, unless you’re already riding one of THESE…


The Defender, by Masterworks x Bespoke Global


The Interceptor, by Masterworks Wood & Design


The Interceptor – Detail.

these handmade, fully utilitarian beauties are the work of Bill Holloway and Mauro Hernandez of Masterworks Wood & Design,  based in San Jose, California. each frame is carved from “urban lumber” or “salvaged timber”; wood from dying trees in cities or wood from buildings or other structures that are being torn down. Each bike is made-to-order, can be 8 ft long and weigh from 45 to 70 lbs and have been fully tested to “take a beating”. all stains, sealants and other finishes, which are applied by hand, are also animal, people and Eco-friendly.

Bespoke Global, which sources and sells hand-made pieces by carefully curated artisans, also sell these tandem two-wheeled sculptures through their website. so, just when you were pleased as local, organic home-squeezed punch about your love for mother earth, mother said, “you can always do better”.



*images courtesy of multiple sources: the city fix, go green, bangor daily news; videos property of jeff diehl & anthony perez, respectively.

save a dog.


that’s how many pit bulls/pit bull mixes are now in bettiepagestyled‘s Flickr set “pit bull death row“, and these are only the ones that looked pit-related – there were many others that were not bully breeds that she didn’t get photos of. can you even imagine 470 dead dogs?! this is an epidemic, and a tragedy. each of these dogs get 3 days, then they are put down killed. i’m not mincing words here. if you live in houston, and you are looking for a canine companion, research the breed and see if it fits your lifestyle and personality – if it does, PLEASE SWING BY THE HSPCA or YOUR LOCAL CITY SHELTER and CONSIDER ADOPTION. sure, puppies are cute, but there are many benefits to rescuing an older dog. please, do your due diligence, and consider saving a dog.

"red fawn pit puppy

"Red Fawn Masked Pit Bull Puppy", by bettiepagestyled.

"white male"

"White Cropped Bully Male Pit Bull", by bettiepagestyled.

"Blue Male Pup *Saved! It's Badger." by bettiepagestyled.

"Blue Male Pup *Saved! It's Badger.", by bettiepagestyled.

*for tips on spotting a bad breeder/seller, please refer to “two-wheeled icarus“.
**for additional information on pit bulls, click under “pick your poison” near the top of the column on the right, and select the category “pit bull” from the drop down menu.