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grimy styles.

ran errands today to rewind (2007) by grimy styles.

discovered these guys way back in the early college years – my two favorite tracks, jr. kong pt. 1 & jr. kong pt. 2 still take me back to when good friends and i used to listen to them live…

jr. kong pt. 1 –

jr. kong pt. 2 –


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2013: day one.

hello,  2013…

i got to spend the last day of 2012 with some old friends from college [Texas A&M] – how can you go wrong with good friends and home cooking? although the night started off with us catching up on news of jobs + mortgages, which of our fellow Aggies were married or engaged and lamenting our inescapable aging, we eventually shook off the cobwebs and summoned our creaky old bones to have fun like the good ol’ days.

here’s to another new year!

♫ RacesBig Broom


kat + nic manning the kitchen…


hog + venison sausage – shot by andrew and sent off to game processors by spencer…


nic’s green bean casserole…


our self-proclaimed “grill master” (andrew) hard at work.


my contribution of smoked ham soup…


fajitas (via rob + spencer), anyone?


trying to remember the rules to “kings” turned into a group effort…



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coog radio @ free press summerfest ’12.

so very belated… apologies, all!

finally went through all the photos i took while manning the COOG Radio booth this summer at Free Press Summer Fest and uploaded them into a set on Flickr – enjoy.

Click the image for the Flickr Album!

*images property of g. cheng & imunlisted.wordpress.com.

COOG Radio @ Free Press Summerfest 2012.

coog radio made a successful inaugural debut at houston’s free press summerfest 2012!

a big thanks to everyone who came by our boothsee the full set HERE

COOG Radio booth!

our most popular item: COOG Radio fans!

the FPSF 2012 crowd on Day 1…

we also handed out COOG Radio water bottles & rubber bracelets

*photos property of g.cheng, imunlisted.wordpress.com; unauthorized use strictly prohibited.

Coog Radio – Now Streaming Live!

i’ve been so busy, i hadn’t had time to properly announce the news…

Coog Radio is finally up and running!

© COOG Radio. The COOG Radio Logo is the original work of its author, Gloria P. Cheng. "COOG" and hand gesture are trademarks of The University of Houston.

check out the first entry i wrote for our website:

After nearly five months of hard work and preparation, the University of Houston’s first student-founded and student-run radio station, COOG Radio, is NOW STREAMING LIVE!

One of the station’s main goals is to promote music, art, culture and social responsibility, both within the UH community and throughout the city.  Houston, famous for its diversity, boasts an equally diverse music scene.  COOG Radio’s student DJs aim to promote and portray this diversity through their live radio broadcasts.  COOG Radio also hopes to make a point of featuring and promoting local musicians and artists, further ensuring the exposure of new visions and sounds to its listening audience.

The COOG Radio staff is not only excited about the chance to broadcast new, quality music, but also inspired by the opportunity the station gives students to be heard. In addition, COOG Radio hopes to not only encourage support of local businesses, artists, musicians, and the assistance of those in need, but also instill a sense of social responsibility and home-town pride in University of Houston students.

we officially launched august 29th, 2011 – we’ve had over 2,000 listeners in the first week, and our Facebook page is 650+ strong! we’re off to a great start, but we’d also love for you to tune in; connect with us at any of the links below!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/coogradiohouston

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coogradio

Website: www.coogradio.com

Mobile Site: m.coogradio.com

oscar gowns.

oscar de la renta’s resort 2011 runway collection had so many beautiful cocktail dresses and gowns…






*images courtesy of style.com.

…and fall semester begins.

classes start again tomorrow…second to last semester – almost done.

i think i can. i think i can. i think i can...

stolen bike alert!

geena needs your help!

her bike was stolen in bryan/college station, and being a student, she needs it for school/general transportation.

what vile creature would choose to nab student’s bikes? we can’t even imagine, but with your watchful eyes, our sleuthing might reap reward all the sooner. if you are the sticky-fingered thief, just return it and say you “found” it. we won’t know. or care.

first, an appeal to your emotions:

happier times.

finally, a photo of the victim:

"i want my mama."

*images property of g.cheng & imunlisted.wordpress.com.

killer generation.


new picture sets “Bird Killer”, a gig at the stafford on main street in downtown bryan and “Generation’s Trifecta”, a friend’s birthday party, are available on Flickr. if you have an account, let me know what you think, or any constructive criticism if you have any.

do have fun.

come see the fun we had!

come see the fun we had!