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gorgeous cartier video campaign…

cartier panther 1


cartier panther 2


cartier panther 3


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“Out of the mouth of babes…

…oft times come gems”.

children react to the apparently controversial recent cheerios commercial in a video by Fine Bros. and Daily Dot article.

Read the article HERE.

faber castell – pen precision.


check out an artist’s amazing demonstration of faber castell‘s “artist pen” series…


State Farm Commercial (Mandarin).

saw this commercial on t.v. while picking up dinner in chinatown…

new Chysler commercial.

love Chrysler‘s new “Whatever happened to Style?” commercial…

adidas originals – Star Wars™ Cantina 2010

nifty new commercial by adidas for adidas originals.


cute commercial from subway


ah, the old days.

if you grew up on what is now referred to as “classic” sesame street like i did, you might find it interesting to know that the well-known children’s show just celebrated it’s 40th birthday two days ago on November 10th. an article celebrating the show’s milestone wrote, “Those who grew up with the show had an advantage. As studies have proven, children who watch ‘Sesame Street’ start school more prepared to learn, know their letters, understand basic phonics, and have a concept of math.” thanks, mom! here are some of my favorite characters, in reverse order…

3. cookie monster:

2. grover:

1. oscar the grouch:

…and just in case you were wondering where they are now


the sweetest baby.

i love the e*trade baby.

i thought these commercials were done running, but i just saw the video immediately below on tv not 30 minutes ago. watch, and fall in love.

1. “funny baby”:

2. “golf baby”:

*videos property of e*trade.

commercial break.

i love great advertising.

i’m hard to impress with a tv commercial, but here are two i saw recently that caught my eye…

1. traveler’s insurance:

2. heineken pilsener: