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gorgeous cartier video campaign…

cartier panther 1


cartier panther 2


cartier panther 3


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Asbury-Hall Wedding

this past weekend, i was proud and honored to be able to serve as the maid of honor at my best friend kat‘s wedding.

we’ve known each other since 1st grade and have been close friends since middle school – i’ve also grown very fond of her now-husband, wyatte, and am so happy for them both. i wish i could have gotten as many photos as i usually do, but thankfully, they had a much more qualified professional photographer on hand! i can’t say it would have been worth trading being able to really immerse myself in the day – from helping matron of honor joy get kat ready, scrambling to put out the expected little fires, making new and seeing old friends and signing as the happy couple’s witness on their marriage certificate. (oh, and also that part where i blubbered tearfully through my speech…)

wishing love and all the best to the new mr. + mrs. hall!


my gift to the bride.


the dress.


pre-wedding imbibing…


joy lending a hand…


details, details…


…and more details!


maid of honor, bride and matron of honor…


kat’s paternal grandmother proudly shows us her rhinestone tie necklace…


kat and her mother hamming it up for the professional photographer…




three generations…


down to the final minutes… (the bride carried silk roses, the bridesmaids carried handmade feather fans).


the bride’s cake…


…and the groom’s dr.who themed cake!


…and of course, photo-booth photos! (L-R: groom + groomsmen, wedding party, groom + bridesmaids.)

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back in bid-ness.

howdy doo-dee!

translation: “hello, how are you?” english; colloquial cartoonish southern-speak.

it’s been a while, and i apologize. as i stated before, my tri-city sweep was downgraded into an extended stay in austin, and an unexpected overnight layover in college station. thanks again to alex s., matt c., and jim for a) babysitting my couch, and b) letting me and jenga crash on it! (sorry again to jim’s uncle, who jenga greeted so warmly in the morning with growls…) of course, thanks also to andrew a., michelle, and jeff for keeping me company! finally, for those of you dying to know, david d. was not in austin, but i did meet up with him in college station, and he did love his shirt. sweet amateur success! sadly, i didn’t get to take clever photos as i had planned, but as usual, i did score some sweet…erm…swag (not a reference to flora).

my cup runneth over in retail luck lately – the post before last documented my being able to check off four potential pairs of shoes with the purchase of two, and this past weekend, i was able to check off several more wish list items in the same manner. recent purchase post: in austin, my biggest score was a brand-new-with-tags black lambskin a-line sheath dress. retail (a.k.a. what i did not pay): $150.00. i also landed a pair of barse sterling + turquoise earrings, and a smoky topaz sterling bracelet. back home in houston/sugar land, i nabbed two more sweet deals: 1) a vintage red silk dress with the most amazing pleated sleeves, and 2) my most recent ebay win, a native american sterling slave bracelet, with turquoise + coral accents. it just arrived today, and i was extremely pleased – i recently discovered slave bracelets, which are essentially a ring + bracelet combo, with chains connecting the two, usually with a decorative piece breaking up the chains in the middle. i’ve kept my eyes peeled on ebay for the last few months; these things run anywhere between $40.00 – $180.00 (not including shipping), depending on the size and intricacy. they are usually pricey due to the fact that most are handmade – obviously, one-of-a-kind pieces will run for more. of course, there are also peruvian slave bracelets, and gypsy slave bracelets – but the former are usually made of alpaca silver, which is lower-grade and lower-quality than standard 0.925 sterling, and the latter is also a cheaper, lighter-weight metal, and usually gold tone. in other words, if you are interested in getting your hands on one (pun!), i’d say the native american versions are more worth the coin.

in other news, i was unable to attend the summer-fest music festival going on in houston today and tomorrow – tickets are supposedly upwards of $20+/day now; should-woulda-coulda. damn. next year, next year. have fun without me, bryan, jim, and jaci (via twitter)

news that trumps all though, is that of my FINALLY receiving geena “the truth/honest abe” sisomphou’s long-awaited postcard from france. i felt more cultured the moment it was in my trembling hands. geen: it’s hanging on my wall! now all that’s left is to get yourself back here to the states…

short of wide, open spaces? come to texas! (but leave your silly city things...)

short of wide, open spaces? come to texas! (but leave your silly city things...)

my native american sterling slave bracelet.

my native american sterling slave bracelet.

vintage red silk dress - pleated sleeve detail.

vintage red silk dress - pleated sleeve detail.

greetings from mademoiselle geena!

greetings from mademoiselle geena!