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50’s cool.


if i was still in my apartment, i would be givin’ a bell to the telephone switchboards first thing to get me one of these charming retro-style fridges by SMEG, also available via West Elm.


the SMEG fridge in Silver – $1,999.00


the SMEG fridge – modern on the inside!


the SMEG fridge in Red.


the SMEG fridge in Pastel Blue.

*all images property of westelm.com.


joris laarman.

these beautiful furniture pieces by joris laarman lab stand alone as separate pieces of art…


bone chair 1

bone chair 2

bone chair 2


bone chair 3


branch bookshelf


bridge table


bridge table as desk

*images not original, courtesy of joris laarman labs & unknown sources.

wholly crap.


meet Whatshisname, a UK artist/designer. his subversive canine lamps were designed for London’s Art Below exhibition, but were dubbed too offensive to be shown. (i think they’re quite clever.)

“the good puppy” desk lamp…

…and corresponding “good boy” floor lamp.

*all images property of whatshisname.co.uk.

there’s only so much space…

now that i’ve successfully passed my Texas Real Estate Salesperson License exams (woot!), i can refocus on some belated home tasks – i’m supposed to be looking for some solid wood bar/counter stools for my kitchen, but i keep getting distracted…

this wooden light bulb is by Ryosuke Fukusada; the wooden shell is carved/chipped to be thinner in areas for the light to escape.

wooden light bulb – off

wooden light bulb – on

this outdoor shower by oborain gives me a whole new idea of pre-fab; it sets up outside for temporary or permanent use in 30 mins!

outdoor shower 1

outdoor shower 1

*all images property of ryosukefukusada.com & oborain.com, respectively.

afterimage furniture.

afterimage furniture” by south korean designer bomi park

wire mesh furniture by bomi park.

*image property of bomipark.com.

…a clothespin to better hold you up with, my dear.

clothespin bench by baldessari e baldessari for riva 1920

*image not original.

wishlist – eames office chair.


...$2,709.00 retail.

*photo source: Design Within Reach.

what i want for christmas…


"villain chair" by suck UK