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lucy chadwick.


first caught wind of curator lucy chadwick about 4 years ago. still crushin’.


“it’s a boy! it’s a girl!”

what a happy occasion…

with a heavy helping hand from jimmy, will & evelyn have both birthed their very own, respective blogs.

go forth and peruse!

(sorry - i had to do it, ev.)

(sorry - i had to do it, ev.)

public photos = practically public property, guys.

public photos = practically public property, guys.

*photos property of evelyn shu & will lee, respectively.

when will people learn?

well, it’s happened again.

the local evening news reported that a three-year-old girl was attacked by a pit bull this afternoon.

you can read the story here. animal control has taken custody of the dog, and we all know it will most likely be put down. when will people learn?

on the comments section of the news article, people have already posted nonsense, such as, “When are people going to learn? It is NOT how you raise the pit; it’s in their blood to attack”, and “When will our society realize that these dogs are vicious and should not be allowed?” the nerve! people who think this way better be informed enough to back up what i strongly suspect to be baseless opinion. if i gave people who thought this way a pop quiz on pit bulls, i bet they would fail miserably. when you take your car into the shop and say, “i think there’s something wrong with the [insert non-existent, made-up car part here], it makes a sound like [insert impossible car sound here]“, you know the mechanic is mentally, if not physically, rolling his eyes at you. why? because you talk like you know, but you really don’t know. i and other responsible pit bull owners roll our eyes at you.

stupid uneducated people tend to jump to conclusions. so, let’s recap: who’s really to blame? how could this have been prevented?

1. the aunt was “watching” the THREE-year-old.

– excuse me. what the hell are you doing letting a three-year-old wander around when you’re doing chores, aka not fully committed to the task of watching the kid (local news reported that the aunt was “feeding the other dogs on the property” when the girl was bitten).

2. the three-year-old was outside.

– um, why was this child outside in the first place? i think i’ve reiterated several times now that she’s three. i think i’ve already stated that there were several dogs on the property. any people out there who would just place their three-year-old in a yard with a bunch of dogs, no matter the breed? anyone want to guarantee me she wouldn’t get bit? this kid should have been left inside.

3. [according to the televised news report] the girl “approached the dog”, and was then bitten.

– alrighty. anyone want to volunteer for an experiment? go find a lone dog, minding its own business walking down the sidewalk. when it sees you, stare it in the face, and walk deliberately towards it. let me know what happens. just kidding – please don’t do that, because i can already tell you what will happen: you will get your ass bottom bit. or your face, depending on how fast you can turn and run. personally, i think it’s common sense, but just in case, YOU SHOULD NEVER APPROACH A DOG WHILE MAKING CONSTANT EYE CONTACT. this is aggressive behavior.* if you are lucky, a submissive dog will run, but an aggressive dog will take your actions as a threat and, that’s right, bite yo’ ass bottom. SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH YOUR CHILDREN, and CHILDREN IN GENERAL!

we are giving the child the benefit of the doubt – we don’t even know if she pulled the dog’s tail, ear(s), stuck her hand in its mouth, or even poked it in the eyeballs. she could have karate chopped it in the face, or even bitten the dog first – who knows? i feel for her and her injuries, but this dog is going to its death.

4. [according to the televised news report] the aunt tried to “separate the dog and child”, and was then also bitten herself.

– no shit. i understand her reaction was automatic and out of panic, but i don’t feel the dog should be held responsible for this. ever tried to stop a bar fight, or any fist fight? you probably got slugged yourself. dog fight? same thing.

conclusion: at least equal if not more blame should be placed on the aunt, as well as the dog. as i stated in “my temper is worse than my pit bull”, this particular dog might have had poor temperament to begin with, and might have overreacted to the child’s approach in a manner that is perceived by dogs to be aggressive, or threatening. it is also important to note that we do not know how familiar the dog was with this child – the news article tells us the dog was the “family dog” (belonging to the aunt), but the niece was bitten. according to dogbitelaw.com, new persons in a home less than 6 months are in danger of being attacked by that home’s resident dog. however, we’ve just run through a gamut of misstep after misstep by the aunt, which ultimately led to a perfectly dangerous situation.


*refer to “frustrated & heartbroken” for additional training/dog behavior information.

"pit bull poster creation" by alysonlacey. photo property of alysonlacey.

"pit bull poster creation" by alysonlacey. photo property of alysonlacey.

literal girl-power.

may i present: an example of a literal form of girl-power.

remember that video i posted of the korean boy group & girl group big bang & 2ne1 performing lg commercial song “lollipop”? well, i noticed the girls didn’t really get to showcase their moves, and wondered if there was a reason for the boys getting the spotlight. apparently, there was a very good reason – the girls would have made the guys look bad. at the very least, 15 year-old (yeah, she’s fifteen) minji, the rapper for 2ne1, would have stolen the show. this girl has moves.