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put your stamp on it.

maybe it’s my private school education + southern upbringing coming back to haunt me, but recently i’ve found myself doing a lot of monogramming…


the weekender

my weekender was a gift from my parents on a trip to italy, and ever since, it’s been my favorite piece of luggage. i don’t believe in checking bags [on a flight]…



after some research and thought, i decided having my initials laser engraved might be a better bet than having them printed or plain/foil stamped. the leather had already been treated, and was softening and getting a patina from my having used it, and i was afraid any other method wouldn’t last. only time will tell!


just received the larger stamped disc charm in the mail today…

ordered this charm from JLynn Creations – i added it to a sterling diamond charm necklace i already had, and, voila!


…and finally, my monogrammed canvas tote!

*all images property of gloria c. and imunlisted.wordpress.com


frank clegg.

just came upon these gorgeous leather bags by frank clegg through a friend via instagram… (ladies, don’t worry, there’s goods for you too!)


“travel duffle” (sic)


“zip top briefcase”

"working tote"

“working tote”

*images by leathersoul.com via @frankclegg (instagram).

nike destroyer.

newest addition to my closet: black/black nike destroyer.

if you haven’t heard about these beauties yet, they’re nike’s take on the classic letterman jacket – a much better take. there are different versions, such as one with a zippered hood; i went for the version below. i’m seeing an overwhelming number of examples of gents in these, but i think the ladies could and should also partake. besides being lightweight, warm, having 4 pockets and looking très badass, they’re also completely customizable – color combinations, patches, the works. (i couldn’t find a live link on nike at the time of this posting, so i used a link to one of nike’s blogs about customized destroyers.)

jacket – leather sleeves = wool vest. voila!

men’s example.

*images source: freshnessmag.com.

christmas wishlist item #1…

christmas: snow… fireplaces… high-back chairs… cigars… robes… and velvet slippers.

velvet slippers by Stubbs & Wooten - $400.00 retail.

…and if i were a man…

"top hat" - men's only (sexists...).

"alden" - men's only...again!

*all images property of stubbandwooten.com.

wishlist – eames office chair.


...$2,709.00 retail.

*photo source: Design Within Reach.

a. mcqueen – resin leaf shoe.


alexander mcqueen resin + leather “leaf shoe” – $3,495.00 USD.




*images property of net-a-porter.com.

packin’ heat.

vlieger & vandam give new meaning to the phrase “packin’ heat“…

new wish list item.

"analyze this, TSA..."

*all images property of www.vliegervandam.com

wish list – ralph lauren brogues.

fell for these ralph lauren leather brogues

RL's "Quinlan" brogue...

...will set you back $595.00, ladies.

*images property of net-a-porter.com

haider ackermann f/w 2010.

i was never good at origami.

i’ve always admired the look though – which is probably one of the many reasons why i’m completely enamored with haider ackermann’s f/w 2010 runway collection. that, and the dark colors, the rich leather, the fur…

haider ackermann f/w 2010: 1-3 of 9.

haider ackermann f/w 2010: 4-6 of 9.

haider ackermann f/w 2010: 6-9 of 9.

jacket larger for detail...

black jacket larger for detail...

dress larger for detail...

*original images courtesy of style.com; created images property of g.cheng & imunlisted.wordpress.com.

new shoes.

ordered another pair of shoes from deena & ozzy; just arrived today.

deena & ozzy black leather peep-toe wedge boot.

*photo property of g.cheng & imunlisted.wordpress.com.