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recycling gold.

i posted these pictures on Instagram a little while ago, but never got around to elaborating about them.

i recently purchased two separate, unrelated vintage 14k yellow gold wedding bands: a plain thin one i planned to use as a stacking ring and this heavy (6 grams) man’s wedding ring. i intended to resize the latter and completely smooth out the exterior design. there was a date inside the band, which is very close to when my parents were married. it was my jeweler who noticed the ring was actually two-toned; he also convinced me to keep the original design.



i know there are a lot of new options, new designers and aesthetics for jewelry available now,  but i find older pieces to have so much character. there’s a story – and if you don’t know the story, there’s mystery. i like to try and save pieces from being melted down when i can, and really admire the artisans and designers who either restore or re-work these old treasures to give them a new life.


while antique or vintage wedding bands aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, i’ve noticed an increasing trend. there’s certainly an appropriate irony when an antique wedding band, a circle symbolizing eternity and never-ending love, is worn again and again, carrying that same message, instead of being melted into scrap…


*all images property of gloria c. and imunlisted.wordpress.com

60’s illustrations.

since i had to be alive in the 1960‘s for this to be “nostalgia” for me, i’m not quite sure how to define my admiration for these stylish vintage illustrations by andy virgil and robert mcginnis

























 *images from multiple sources.

justin o’shea.

meet justin o’shea, [fashion] buyer for mytheresa.com, and yet another fashion crush del la mine, version homme.

if i were a guy…

…i would Google-stalk and copy everything chromeo‘s david macklovitch (aka Dave 1) wears.

i’ve been listening to chromeo tracks since ’07, but never realized how admirably fashion-forward macklovitch is until noticing him pop up during my annual online trawling of respective fashion week images. i wish i could pull off slim suiting & YSL boots with such ease… sigh – it’s a #fashioncrush.

Click image for Dave 1’s 10 Essentials by GQ Magazine


Click image for High Snobiety’s Chromeo interview.


Image by Tommy Ton for GQ: Paris Fall 2013

*srcs: gq magazine, high snobiety, & mr. porter.

for the gentlemen.

we’re going the other direction this time.

while i’ve got an obvious penchant for menswear-inspired womenswear, the fact that father’s day is coming  up just gives me an excuse to look at gentlemanly things for, well, gentlemen.

i’ve managed to find goodies to my liking that would also make great gifts at canoe online and kaufmann mercantile


tube wringer by gill mechanical co. – via canoe online

[waste not, want not.]


mag table by offi – via canoe online

[form + function]


pocket-sized US Constitution – via canoe online

[…always be prepared.]


chrome desk stapler by el casco – via kaufmann mercantile

[i own a similar, true vintage one – sometimes simpler isn’t more beautiful…]


handmade Oregonian ceramic growler – via kaufmann mercantile

[a great gift for a beer lover or home brewer…]


aluminum & nickel plated lunch box – via kaufmann mercantile

[i wonder what looks i would get at work with this…er, i mean, that dad would get…]

*images property of canoe online & kaufmann mercantile, respectively.

le smoking…


finally some love for the ladies – i recently whet my appetite for some stylish, menswear-inspired but practical footwear by way of rachel roy (via nordstrom).


navy blue velvet w/ gunmetal toes.

*images property of gloria c. and imunlisted.wordpress.com

daniel wellington.

i’ve always had a penchant for clean-lined men’s watches, so imagine my pleasure finding such beautiful ladies’ pieces from daniel wellington (yes, there are some for the gents too…).

the “classic st. andrews lady” from daniel wellington.




*images property of danielwellington.com,
g. cheng & imunlisted.wordpress.com, respectively.

nike destroyer.

newest addition to my closet: black/black nike destroyer.

if you haven’t heard about these beauties yet, they’re nike’s take on the classic letterman jacket – a much better take. there are different versions, such as one with a zippered hood; i went for the version below. i’m seeing an overwhelming number of examples of gents in these, but i think the ladies could and should also partake. besides being lightweight, warm, having 4 pockets and looking très badass, they’re also completely customizable – color combinations, patches, the works. (i couldn’t find a live link on nike at the time of this posting, so i used a link to one of nike’s blogs about customized destroyers.)

jacket – leather sleeves = wool vest. voila!

men’s example.

*images source: freshnessmag.com.

packin’ heat.

vlieger & vandam give new meaning to the phrase “packin’ heat“…

new wish list item.

"analyze this, TSA..."

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3.1 phillip lim – f/w 2011 menswear + nowness.

3.1 phillip limmenswear fall/winter 2011 video + nowness.com: