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put your stamp on it.

maybe it’s my private school education + southern upbringing coming back to haunt me, but recently i’ve found myself doing a lot of monogramming…


the weekender

my weekender was a gift from my parents on a trip to italy, and ever since, it’s been my favorite piece of luggage. i don’t believe in checking bags [on a flight]…



after some research and thought, i decided having my initials laser engraved might be a better bet than having them printed or plain/foil stamped. the leather had already been treated, and was softening and getting a patina from my having used it, and i was afraid any other method wouldn’t last. only time will tell!


just received the larger stamped disc charm in the mail today…

ordered this charm from JLynn Creations – i added it to a sterling diamond charm necklace i already had, and, voila!


…and finally, my monogrammed canvas tote!

*all images property of gloria c. and imunlisted.wordpress.com


wedding gift.

here’s a wedding gift i made from some old and dear friends of mine who tied the knot after 8 years of being together…


painted the exterior first with white, then went over in gray and french blue, blotting the last two coats before they dried.


handwritten cards designating wine to celebrate years 1, 3 and 5 of marriage…


card backs…


card detail.

*images property of gloria c. and imunlisted.wordpress.com