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starting to think jenga is a staffie…

…as in, staffordshire bull terrier, and not a pit bull.

jenga (r) and her pit bull boyfriend, sancho (l).

cienna's pittie maddie (photo property of cienna smith).

jenga (r) and kelsey's pittie boy loki (photo property of kelsey adams).

jenga, walking herself.

random additional evidence:

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jenga takes a vacation.

not that a dog ever really needs a vacation.

jenga went to the beach in galveston, texas a few weeks ago with me and my friends mandy, brenna, and seth. check out the trip in my Flickr set, “jenga goes to the beach“.

soaking up the sun.

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pit bulls take bullets for owners.

more stories to dispel the myth.

additional video:


jenga, i love you.

the following news clip is full of great facts, such as the American Temperament Test Society results:

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jenga – a view from the top bottom.

"jenga vs. the deer."

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merry [belated] christmas.

i hope everyone had a great christmas!

(jenga & sancho both hope you did too.)

happy holidays from two little hooligans.

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pit bull pride, indeed.

…i love my dog jenga and all pit bulls!

they’re just amazing dogs. here’s a great article i came across via the video below by housepet magazine, titled “failing the american pit bull terrier“.

a quote from the article:

There is no breed of dog more in need of our compassion; in need of our call to arms on their behalf; and in need of what should be the full force of our enduring sanctuary.


save a dog.


that’s how many pit bulls/pit bull mixes are now in bettiepagestyled‘s Flickr set “pit bull death row“, and these are only the ones that looked pit-related – there were many others that were not bully breeds that she didn’t get photos of. can you even imagine 470 dead dogs?! this is an epidemic, and a tragedy. each of these dogs get 3 days, then they are put down killed. i’m not mincing words here. if you live in houston, and you are looking for a canine companion, research the breed and see if it fits your lifestyle and personality – if it does, PLEASE SWING BY THE HSPCA or YOUR LOCAL CITY SHELTER and CONSIDER ADOPTION. sure, puppies are cute, but there are many benefits to rescuing an older dog. please, do your due diligence, and consider saving a dog.

"red fawn pit puppy

"Red Fawn Masked Pit Bull Puppy", by bettiepagestyled.

"white male"

"White Cropped Bully Male Pit Bull", by bettiepagestyled.

"Blue Male Pup *Saved! It's Badger." by bettiepagestyled.

"Blue Male Pup *Saved! It's Badger.", by bettiepagestyled.

*for tips on spotting a bad breeder/seller, please refer to “two-wheeled icarus“.
**for additional information on pit bulls, click under “pick your poison” near the top of the column on the right, and select the category “pit bull” from the drop down menu.

puppy love.


jenga and her boyfriend sancho are still going strong – and still super cute.

here they are just a few days ago; they sit like this alot… the second shot is from a year ago… jenga and i are getting ready to head to college station, tx tomorrow for rock/ride the republic; see ya’ll there!

holdin' hands...

holdin' hands...

...heart melt.

...heart melt.

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i wonder…

…if philly really feels this way?

houston chronicle - 10.4.09.

houston chronicle - 10.4.09.