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meet charlie banks.

such a nice fellow.

i rented “the education of charlie banks“, and mandy came over to watch it with me. yes, this film is directed by fred durst, and yes, it was excellent. a drama with a coming-of-age storyline, it touches on love, fear, violence, understanding and realization, class differences, and also offers deeper reflections in regards to education, and how, if it can, effect change in someone. this film also has a great cast – many will and should recognize jesse eisenberg (the squid and the whale, adventureland), jason ritter (swimfan, w.; son of the late john ritter, of popular 70’s tv sitcom “three’s company” and the more recent “8 rules for dating my teenage daughter”), eva amurri (saved!; daughter of susan sarandon), christopher marquette (the girl next door, the invisible) and sebastian stan (the covenant, rachel getting married). the reviews i read were from opposite ends of the spectrum – ranging wildly from as little as 0 to as much as 5 stars. i think it is largely due to the mass amount of lofty literary references, which, understandably, most wouldn’t catch: the characters are ivy leaguers who banter about schumpeter‘s “theory of creative destruction”, the musings of french philosopher jacques derrida, political theorist hannah arendt, make references to raskolnikov, fyodor dostoyevsky‘s protagonist in “crime & punishment“, musician nick lowe, and consider calling someone “antigone” a commonplace insult …and all to a great soundtrack. once again, highly recommended, if this genre and subject matter is your sort of thing.


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