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my sterling raven skull pendant necklace (antiqued silver finish) from skeletos finally arrived today – another amazing addition to my already burgeoning jewelry-cum-art collection.

thanks, mika s.!



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mcqueen men.

speaking of skulls…

alexander mcqueen fall/winter 2010 menswear had some pretty cool pieces.

skull cable sweater.

skeleton-print shirt: front.

skeleton-print shirt: back.

*preceding two images courtesy of gq.com; final created image property of g.cheng & imunlisted.wordpress.com.

another year older.

a great big “thank you” to all my friends who wished me a happy birthday!

pretty awesome looking cake that i wish was mine.

–edit (1.25.10)–

thanks for the pic, jimmy!

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clever girl.

delfina, delfina.

at 22, italian jewelery designer delfina delettrez continues to delight with her unique, macabre designs.

some of her work has been featured in this blog before, but apparently there’s more from where those came from.

"delirium heart" ring - what's in the center? a crucifix.

another version of the "delirium heart" ring.

skeleton hand belt - worn three different ways.

white resin skull ring; diamond skulls ring; "secret hands" ring.

frog cuff bracelet; "finger" ring; skeleton hand necklace.

assorted jewelery designed for opening ceremony.

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dark winter days.

what is it about winter?

maybe it’s just me, but ever since the weather turned truly “wintry“, i’ve found myself wearing and buying a lot of black and other darkish accessories.

i recently bought a sterling skull ring and vintage celtic sterling armor ring. according to the seller of the latter, she’d bought it herself in scotland 10 years ago – while the mysterious past that accompanies most vintage items accounts for much of their charm, to know the history of one is just as charming. i also happened upon a pair of cut-out black suede lace-up wedges by deena & ozzy.

sterling skull ring & vintage celtic sterling armor ring.

deena & ozzy black suede wedge.

a few days ago, mandy and i were at the houston galleria, where we found ourselves ogling a girl’s accessories in neiman marcus – mandy had her eye on the girl’s black yves saint laurent “y” tote, and i was entranced by (and very jealous of) her asymetrically cut, distressed leather jacket. it reminded me immediately of rick owens‘ leather jacket from this f/w 2009 season. it retails for around $3,300.00 USD; the one pictured below [which is not mine] is currently for sale on ebay for $1,999.00 USD.

rick owens f/w 2009 leather jacket.

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“dios mio… Dior!”

victoire de castellane, i applaud you.

the ingenious dior joaillerie designer celebrates her 10-year anniversary at christian dior with 20 unbelievably fabulous pieces in pendants for men and rings for women. see below, and be awed.


castellane's 10th anniversary Dior pieces.

one of my favorite past pieces by castellane is her “gwendoline” ring in 18K yellow gold, diamonds, and coral; it is also available in black onyx.


Dior "gwendoline".

*images courtesy of elle magazine & diorjoaillerie.com.com, respectively.