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don’t spray paint indoors.

now i’ve got a killer headache.

but it was worth it! i was commissioned by my friend david d. to make a shirt for him – he gave me basic parameters, and left the rest up to me. rules of the game: baby blue shirt, stencil/graffiti style featuring a boombox, simple, not too much color but not just black either. so after sketching, outlining, and the painstaking cutting of the stencil (a little over an hour, give or take) with an Exacto knife, and finally spraying down paint, this is the end product. to be completely honest, this is the first stenciled shirt i’ve made… all the other DIY’s i’ve done have been with a needle and thread/sewing machine. i made one small mistake, and hopefully he won’t mind (if he knows what’s good for him) – but i should have covered the entire shirt to prevent the paint from misting over the edge of my stencil… in any case, i’m pretty pleased with the outcome. it can only get better from here. hopefully, i can get a photo of him wearing it to add to this post when i give it to him in austin this weekend. i do have to find another workshop space though – i used to have a garage, then a harry potter-esque hall closet/sewing room. i’m figuratively feeling the effects of the lack of an atelier, if you will. ugh.

david, meet your shirt.

david, meet your shirt.