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just unearthed this lovely little campaign from a shelter across the pond focusing on staffies (staffordshire bull terriers, but also bully breed dogs in general). agree with them on every point – but also wanted to add that staffies/bullies are a stubborn, strong-willed breed; while they do make amazing and loving family pets, they require commitment to consistent training and discipline. consider rescuing before purchasing if you’re considering adding any pet to your family!


this post is jenga approved.

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my happy valentine.

jenga with her newest toy… happy valentine’s day!


hold it…


…couldn’t wait anymore!

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introducing… rocky + bear.

jenga had a play date with rocky + bear today.

rocky + bear belong to my good friend michael and his girlfriend ruby. jenga hadn’t seen rocky for a few years and had never met bear, so suffice it to say, the hour was spent grumbling, sniffing, circling, and finally, the two little ones and the one big one giving each other wide berth. oh well… here’s to laying a good foundation for next time!


rocky hiding behind michael…


wandering closer to jenga (in my lap) + the camera…


bear thinking he’d rather keep his distance and high vantage point.


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jenga doesn’t like halloween.

my sweet baby.

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“…and this film is about my dog.”

adorable video about a family pet from a child’s perspective!


just because.

beauty queen.

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the brits have got it right.


“…every single dog is a product of their environment…”

starting to think jenga is a staffie…

…as in, staffordshire bull terrier, and not a pit bull.

jenga (r) and her pit bull boyfriend, sancho (l).

cienna's pittie maddie (photo property of cienna smith).

jenga (r) and kelsey's pittie boy loki (photo property of kelsey adams).

jenga, walking herself.

random additional evidence:

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