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vintage glamour & things for sale.

oops… i did it again.

literally. last week, i came across a beautiful blond mink stole (circa 1940’s-1950’s & monogrammed!) shoved in a rack amongst mussed and ruined vintage rabbit fur coats and disgusting, soiled faux furs on a circular rack in a local resale shop. i know i already have one in dark brown, but my eye was immediately drawn to it, like a magnet – it was practically begging to be saved from this horrible, horrible place, where devil-may-care teens with their brightly-colored plastic or unidentifiable metal content accessories, pyramid studded vinyl belts, too tight jeans, muffin-tops and visible ass cracks couldn’t tell a vintage treasure from vintage trash if their trendy jobs depended on it. oh, the nightmare! one young and very sweet, rail-thin employee ran his hand down the collar, and asked me, “do you think it’s real?” to prevent them from reconsidering the price and myself from lying, i answered his question with another, paired with a deceptively quizzical expression – “do you think it might be?” i think he offered that he thought it might be beaver. what a nice boy. if you do discover a mink you want to save, common retail for a vintage mink stole can run from $300-$500, and full-length coats can go as high as $4000, so use that as your gauge. (if you love fur like i do, buy vintage! recycle!) that same day, i also uncovered a vintage 80’s poured glass ring by givenchy, in a gorgeous amber hue. a good day. today was a good day too – i just bought a speedlight (dedicated flash) for my nikon d80; it should arrive in the mail the day before halloween!

also, i have an announcement: i am currently selling my Blackberry Curve 8310, and a huge sterling + garnet cocktail/statement ring from my jewelery collection on ebay. feel free to check them out, or point someone you think might be interested in their direction.

a sister stole.
a sister stole.
givenchy gripoix ring.
givenchy – 80’s bold.
let there be [more] light.
let there be (more) light.

*final image property of b&h.


fur fights “brr’s”…

…though it doesn’t really get too many chances here in Texas!

hallelujah! el fin of my summer classes! i will be rushing to finish up some DIY’s i’ve been dying to get to – and get two of them to the boys who commissioned them. (david & jimmy, thanks for being so patient!) hopefully i don’t screw up and i can post them on here for your viewing pleasure. speaking of viewing pleasure, here’s a quick recent purchase post: about a week ago, i snagged a great vintage genuine fur stole from the 1940-50’s! it’s a gorgeous mahogany, with dark brown stripes. it’s very glossy, but i’m afraid the original owner boxed it up – which my readers know from my “i.love.vintage.” post is a fur care no-no. alas – i’ll have to send it to a fur cleaner to have it cleaned and hopefully have some of the “fluffiness” restored. it’s due to the flatness that i can’t tell for sure if it’s mink or muskrat fur… diagnosis to be made later. other recent purchases included a pair of vintage skinny black suede pants, and a dead stock (new but discontinued) sterling star cut-out ring, with a diamond chip in the center. i’ll definitely be thrifting up a storm on my little road trip through college station & austin – apparently everyone i was hoping to see in college station and san antonio are headed to austin this weekend as well, so i’ve changed plans and will be in austin for most of the weekend.

p.s., readers: surprise! i know you stop by and visit, because wordpress has a “stats” page. it tells me how many people have stopped by to take a look-see, and what pages/posts were read. i love that you come here, but it seems you all need encouragement to drop a line! just in case you thought you needed a wordpress account to post a comment – you don’t. i’d love to hear from any of you, and get opinions on fashion posts, or even questions about the topics i’ve written about. as long as everyone is agreeable or disagrees politely, come one, come all.

vintage fur stole - front. the collar extends down the front to serve as pockets!

vintage fur stole - front. the collar extends down the front to serve as pockets!

vintage fur stole - back

vintage fur stole - back