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you stopped making sense.

you stopped making sense” by the radio dept.

*video from the le ballon rouge (1956).

Hævnen (In a Better World).

just watched Danish director Susanne Bier‘s 2010 film Hævnen, known in English as In a Better World.

Susanne Bier on the premise of the film:

“It’s about the distance between being savable and not savable. At what point does redemption become impossible? Is there such a point? This is what we wanted to explore in the subtext of the story. I also think it’s very interesting to trace the route of an innocent who actually behaves like a terrorist but is really just an angry little boy – an angry little boy who can also be dangerous.”

slower-paced with wonderful prolonged, pensive shots – definitely recommended.

*image source unknown.

tuning in to sweden.

erik hassle‘s got some pipes.

introducing: lagom.


newly discovered swedish line lagom, via modeman. i absolutely adore these images from their lookbook.

check out the s/s 2010 collection at precislagom.

lagom lookbook 1

lagom lookbook 1.

lagom lookbook 2.

lagom lookbook 2.

lagom lookbook 3.

lagom lookbook 3.

*photos property of precislagom.

the swedes have it.

kära nå’n!

i’ve found several lovely blogs chock-full of inspiration: check out K –, niotillfem, and beatasbilder. (links are available on my blogroll.)

i’m about to leave for college station, so i won’t be posting until i get back – although, i hope to return with some photographical goodies to share with you on Flickr… have a great weekend!

ho hum. a 1.5 hour drive? yipee.

ho hum. a 1.5 hour drive? yipee.