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galliano noir, deux.

i have been a bit behind in posting my recent purchases… so here goes.

1. john galliano black wool jacket w/ silk lining + full-length skirt:

– newest purchase, literally. i just bought this today, and it is also one of the newer (read: non-vintage) pieces in my closet.  the high-waist, black wool + silk skirt is as gorgeous as the jacket; it is extremely and insanely long, and floats away from the body as you move. it has detailed, body-conscious darting in the back, as well as a 14-button closure. no zippers.

john galliano jacket - unbuttoned.

john galliano jacket - buttoned.

suit ribbon + beading detail.

2. vintage adrienne vittadini black silk + sequin dress:

adrienne vittadini dress - front.

adrienne vittadini dress - back.

3. vintage black lace cocktail dress:

– the lace skirt of this dress has a beautiful scalloped edge that extends a little over the lining. the seam along the right side of the skirt was torn about 6 inches, but i easily stitched it back together.

vintage black lace dress.

4. vintage yves saint laurent moss green leather jacket:

– this is such an unusual color for a leather jacket, and is unbelievably soft.

yves saint laurent jacket.

5. vintage cream knee-length mink coat:

– you can’t tell from the photo, but this coat is in need of some restoration. there is a long split in the pelt on one sleeve, and there are two or three additional  very small separations between pelts here and there. the condition of the fur itself, however, is excellent – super soft, with no stains, bald patches, or signs of wear along the pockets, collar, sleeves, or hem. (these are all things you should check for or ask about before purchasing a vintage fur!) i called sakowitz to get a quote on how much a repairs would cost, and after presenting my find at the register, was given a rewarding discount. hopefully this coat will be getting some much deserved TLC soon!

vintage mink coat.

6. afghan handmade silver-over-bronze lapis necklace:

– i was told that the owner of the shop i bought this from purchased this in person on a trip to afghanistan several years ago.

afghan silver & bronze lapis necklace.

7. vintage yves saint laurent gold tone belt buckle:

– whoops! almost forgot this one… (below par photo taken with my blackberry).

yves saint laurent belt buckle.


vintage monster.

my uncanny luck at sniffing out vintage is only serving to feed the vintage monster known as my closet.

last week, i snapped up a crisp black vintage christian dior blazer with gold buttons for an insanely good price. that same day, i found a brand-new-with-tags navy silk, long sleeved blouse by giorgio armani for an equally too-good-to-be-true amount. problem? i am already having to squeeze hangers in on the racks of my closet. i need to stop shopping…

…or get a bigger closet.

worth squeezing into my closet.

worth squeezing into my closet.


it’s heartbreaking, really…

i’ve been having stellar luck finding these amazing gowns, but when and where will i ever wear them? i’m tempted to throw some sort of old hollywood party to make use of at least one of my dresses.

most recent purchase post: two days ago, i came across a gorgeous emerald green vintage gown. it needed a lot of TLC – the seams at the waist were widely split in numerous places, one sleeve was almost off at the shoulder, and the zipper seams on the back of the dress showed serious signs of stress. it really seemed like someone too large for the dress insisted on fitting into it – several times.

after pointing out the problems to the manager, it was relatively easy to convince her of the need of a slash in price, and i succeeded in getting the dress at a deep discount. i took my new baby home, and after an hour and a half to two hours of surgery (read: sewing by hand…), i managed to reattach the waist and sleeve, and reinforce the zipper.

although the dress is 100% polyester, the color and weight of it is amazing. sure, i need 5″ heels for the hem to clear the ground (yeah, laugh it up), but once it’s on, the skirt movement is to die for. i apologize for the awkward angle of the photo – the dress really is quite long; my dressform was extended to the maximum height for this shot.

once again, jenga found little amusement in my tedious stitching, checking, stiching, and re-checking. she made short work of half of a milk bone (dog treat), and showed her contempt for fashion by curling up to sleep on my banana republic satchel.

vintage green gown + mother's vintage necklace.

post-operation: vintage green gown + mother's vintage trifari necklace.

my little miscreant, and my poor purse.

my little miscreant, and my poor purse.

back in bid-ness.

howdy doo-dee!

translation: “hello, how are you?” english; colloquial cartoonish southern-speak.

it’s been a while, and i apologize. as i stated before, my tri-city sweep was downgraded into an extended stay in austin, and an unexpected overnight layover in college station. thanks again to alex s., matt c., and jim for a) babysitting my couch, and b) letting me and jenga crash on it! (sorry again to jim’s uncle, who jenga greeted so warmly in the morning with growls…) of course, thanks also to andrew a., michelle, and jeff for keeping me company! finally, for those of you dying to know, david d. was not in austin, but i did meet up with him in college station, and he did love his shirt. sweet amateur success! sadly, i didn’t get to take clever photos as i had planned, but as usual, i did score some sweet…erm…swag (not a reference to flora).

my cup runneth over in retail luck lately – the post before last documented my being able to check off four potential pairs of shoes with the purchase of two, and this past weekend, i was able to check off several more wish list items in the same manner. recent purchase post: in austin, my biggest score was a brand-new-with-tags black lambskin a-line sheath dress. retail (a.k.a. what i did not pay): $150.00. i also landed a pair of barse sterling + turquoise earrings, and a smoky topaz sterling bracelet. back home in houston/sugar land, i nabbed two more sweet deals: 1) a vintage red silk dress with the most amazing pleated sleeves, and 2) my most recent ebay win, a native american sterling slave bracelet, with turquoise + coral accents. it just arrived today, and i was extremely pleased – i recently discovered slave bracelets, which are essentially a ring + bracelet combo, with chains connecting the two, usually with a decorative piece breaking up the chains in the middle. i’ve kept my eyes peeled on ebay for the last few months; these things run anywhere between $40.00 – $180.00 (not including shipping), depending on the size and intricacy. they are usually pricey due to the fact that most are handmade – obviously, one-of-a-kind pieces will run for more. of course, there are also peruvian slave bracelets, and gypsy slave bracelets – but the former are usually made of alpaca silver, which is lower-grade and lower-quality than standard 0.925 sterling, and the latter is also a cheaper, lighter-weight metal, and usually gold tone. in other words, if you are interested in getting your hands on one (pun!), i’d say the native american versions are more worth the coin.

in other news, i was unable to attend the summer-fest music festival going on in houston today and tomorrow – tickets are supposedly upwards of $20+/day now; should-woulda-coulda. damn. next year, next year. have fun without me, bryan, jim, and jaci (via twitter)

news that trumps all though, is that of my FINALLY receiving geena “the truth/honest abe” sisomphou’s long-awaited postcard from france. i felt more cultured the moment it was in my trembling hands. geen: it’s hanging on my wall! now all that’s left is to get yourself back here to the states…

short of wide, open spaces? come to texas! (but leave your silly city things...)

short of wide, open spaces? come to texas! (but leave your silly city things...)

my native american sterling slave bracelet.

my native american sterling slave bracelet.

vintage red silk dress - pleated sleeve detail.

vintage red silk dress - pleated sleeve detail.

greetings from mademoiselle geena!

greetings from mademoiselle geena!

sweet, sweet victory.


i’ve been a bit busy this july 4th weekend (congratulations, america), but did manage to snap up these. damn right – recent purchase post: i’m happy to announce i’ve added early 90’s prada to my collection! another recent addition was a small, vintage green leather cross-body purse by neiman marcus, brand new with tags intact – retailing at $240.00, back in the day. of course, that was quite a few dollars off from my receipt…chortle, chortle. i’ve begun to notice that exemplary thrift finds tend to affect my grammar, making it more…affected, shall we say? puns always intended. happy hunting!

newly acquired prada pumps.

newly acquired prada pumps.

d.i.y. – white bolero.

another DIY, finally!

for those who aren’t familiar with the term, DIY = “do it yourself”, and commonly refers to projects that people construct themselves instead of purchasing an more expensive, pre-fab (pre-fabricated) item.

i’ve been seeing studded blazers in editorials and on last season’s runways, and i finally decided to try and recreate the look myself. i nabbed a bag of 100 3/8″ silver studs from a wholesaler online for $5.99, and they just arrived today. i had a white linen bolero hanging in my closet that i thrifted a while back, but never wore because it never seemed to match anything else i owned, which is no small feat. the bolero is simple enough, and it is a small jacket, but the way it sits when worn takes over an outfit. i was amazed and frustrated. in any case, i decided if it wanted to go big so badly, i’d make it go way big. after getting some inspiration from some other photos, i got to work. after about an hour, i had my finished product, and i must admit, i’m pretty pleased.

newly studded bolero.

newly studded bolero.

studs extend all the way around the collar.

studs extend all the way around the collar.

inspiration (l-r): diy; balmain; unknown.

inspiration (l-r): diy; balmain; unknown.