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the fall.

rhye‘s “the fall“…

patrick wolf.

patrick wolf‘s “bluebells“…

…and “house“.

is tropical – the greeks.

is tropical – “the greeks

(*this video or group may contain content that is uncomfortable for some viewers)

other lives – black tables.

other lives – “black tables“.

yeasayer – madder red.

newest music video from yeasayer – “madder red“.

i already liked the song, but the first time i watched this i was like, “whaaaaAAAaat?” but then i stumbled across a post from V [magazine], and it made more sense.

more florence.

cosmic love” by florence + the machine.

(previous post for florence + the machine here).

tuning in to denmark.

newly discovered.

heavy eyes” by Oh Land + “use it for good” by fallulah.


possibility” by lykke li.

economic rap.

step aside, “schoolhouse rock”.

tired of hearing rappers rap about their money? here’s one about your money. (well, everyone’s money.john papola and russ roberts of econstories presents an epic economist showdown – john maynard keynes & f. a. hayek. (for those non-business majors or those who don’t know what the hell we’re talking about, check out pbs newshours‘ little blurb on these guys.)

equal parts educational & entertaining.


“excuses” by the morning benders

heads up: they will be in austin, tx for SXSW from 3/17 – 3/20…