starting to think jenga is a staffie…

…as in, staffordshire bull terrier, and not a pit bull.

jenga (r) and her pit bull boyfriend, sancho (l).

cienna's pittie maddie (photo property of cienna smith).

jenga (r) and kelsey's pittie boy loki (photo property of kelsey adams).

jenga, walking herself.

random additional evidence:

*first and last photo property of g.cheng &; all other images/media property of credited owners.


2 responses to “starting to think jenga is a staffie…

  1. I’d say she’s an American Pit Bull. Staffies are really small and Jenga’s got some height to her. But I’m no dog expert so if calling her a Staffordshire gets you a new apt or otherwise, go for it!


  2. ehhh im pretty convinced she’s not a pit bull – if you’ve seen her with the confirmed pit bulls she’s played with, she’s actually very small in comparison… she’s significantly shorter, “squattier” and more bow-legged in front. she’s got a broader chest and much shorter legs – you’ve also got to take into consideration that she’s already 3 years old. loki (pictured) is still a puppy, and now at a year old (i think) he’s already taller than her. regardless, she’s my baby!

    as for apts… i just put “terrier” (pit bull terrier, staffordshire bull terrier… it’s not exactly a lie… “a third truth”…)!


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