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just unearthed this lovely little campaign from a shelter across the pond focusing on staffies (staffordshire bull terriers, but also bully breed dogs in general). agree with them on every point – but also wanted to add that staffies/bullies are a stubborn, strong-willed breed; while they do make amazing and loving family pets, they require commitment to consistent training and discipline. consider rescuing before purchasing if you’re considering adding any pet to your family!


this post is jenga approved.

*all images property of gloria c. and imunlisted.wordpress.com


“…and this film is about my dog.”

adorable video about a family pet from a child’s perspective!

i love bullies.

pit bulls and bully breeds, that is.

a few months ago, i joined houston pit bulls & bully breeds on meetup.com. i wanted to find jenga some new houston friends in lieu of the ones she left behind in college station. geena accompanied me to my first “bully walk” with them at terry hershey park on memorial. since i had my hands full with my pup, geena took some photos of some other canine attendees with my camera. please note: the photos below will not be available on my Flickr, since i did not take them.

*photos by geena; my D80.

someone's got angel eyes...

someone's got angel eyes...

hello, my name's lily!

hello, my name's lily!

handsome james dean, aka "JD".

handsome james dean, aka "JD".

lily + jenga eyeballin'.

lily + jenga communicate telepathically.